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What to Expect when Flying by Private Jet to Lyon?

A private plane gives freedom. And here’s what you need to know when booking a flight.

Private aviation experts claim that flying private planes is even better than in the first class of a regular flight. Private aviation guarantees passengers maximum flexibility, convenience and comfort in flight. Charter operators process and take into account all aspects of individual trips in order to provide a service as close as possible to what passenger’s dream of.

How to figure out which private plane to fly?

Your charter operator should advise you on the flight plan, specifying the route, your needs, the amount of luggage and the number of passengers who will accompany you on the flight. Thus, you will get the private jet Lyon that will best meet your needs, and avoid overpaying for renting too large a vessel.

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What are the advantages of a private airport?

There are many of them. You can show up 15 minutes before departure and be able to board a private plane by getting out of the car right at the runway. Registration and security procedures are minimal. There is no weighing and checking of your luggage (and when landing, you do not have to wait for your suitcase to appear on the conveyor). The waiting time for departure on the runway is minimal: the flight crew simply closes the door, and you are immediately ready for take-off.

What will be my seats on a private plane and their configuration in the cabin?

Private planes almost always offer passengers soft, comfortable leather seats. The seats themselves are modular and can be modified. Their configuration is always varied, just ask for what you like best. If you want to relax and sleep during the flight, do not think that the cabin will necessarily have deep reclining chairs. Ask for a private jet with seats that recline at least 154º or a ship with full beds. Additional options: you can ask the operator to provide you with a vessel with two toilets and a shower, as well as with a living room for conversations, business negotiations, a seating area or a poker table.

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Are pilots and crews of private planes more experienced?

In a sense, yes. Private jet pilots are subject to the same professional standards as commercial flight pilots. Pilots and flight crew are attached to a specific vessel, this is their place of work, and they know everything about this aircraft. Your team will include a pilot, a co-pilot and at least one flight attendant. You can request an additional crew or special staff, such as a massage therapist, secretary, bartender, etc.

Are private planes safer?

Private planes, as a rule, are no less safe than commercial liners of regular airlines. Private vessels adhere to the same safety rules and undergo the same maintenance as commercial aircraft, while charter operators working with wealthy clients often prefer to adhere to even higher standards of service. Private aircraft fleets are usually younger than commercial airline fleets. And this is a calming factor of additional security: you know who and what is on board your ship.

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